Maintenance Plans

Garrison Plumbing LLC Maintenance Program Only $47.95/Month

Maintenance Program Includes:

Customer must maintain maintenance program for 1 year or will be billed for the services rendered at flat rate. Full home plumbing inspection will include checking water pressure, check of all shut off valves for functionality, checking all sinks and toilets, checking all visible plumbing systems. Water Heater flush is eligible once per year with full visual inspection for any water heater, tank type or tankless, 8 years or younger, anything older than 8 years may not tolerate flushing. Drain clearing is eligible for 1 slow to drain or clogged drain per year utilizing no longer than 25ft auger, does not include need for pull and reset of toilet if necessary. Drain clearing does not cover main sewer lines. Water Quality Testing can be utilized to check current functionality of softener or investigate need for water softener, plan covers cost of one check per year. Garrison Plumbing reserves the right to cancel maintenance plan for any reason at no additional costs to customers.